3 Simple Steps to Growing your Business FAST! - Catherine Ann Clayton

3 Simple Steps to Growing your Business FAST!

In the world of Home-Based Business people sometimes get “STUCK!”

They do not understand why their business isn’t growing and at this point they do what they should NEVER do. 

They QUIT!

So, you ask…

How do you break through those times when you feel everything is going ALL wrong instead of going ALL right?

I have learned 3 simple steps that have made my journey a lot easier.

#1 Learn FAST

Seems simple, right?    

But people tend to get frustrated with the learning process and they give up too soon.

To “learn fast,” you have to simply just jump out there and go “DO”

Here is a great example of just doing.    

I HATE technology. 

It is something that my husband has ALWAYS done for me.   

However, when I started this business I had to jump out on my own and learn this stuff.

  I was in fact teaching others about  social media, so I had to become a student of social media which involves technology.  

I jumped in and just “DID IT.”


I made a ton of mistakes.

To be honest I still do but I learned the art of “goggle” and my business was forever changed.

Google became my friend and NOT my enemy.  

#2 Implement

This seems simple enough right?

However, a lot of people spend time searching on how to do things and then forget to actually put those things into practice. 

The internet is a huge distraction.

It is full of shiny objects that can divert your attention if you are not careful.

It is imperative that you get laser focused, stay on task and implement your learning so that your business can grow

# 3 Rinse and Repeat

This is the part that some get stuck on.

 It simply means to evaluate what did and did not work.

Clean it up a bit and go and do the same thing again. 

When you look at your systems carefully, you can see where things might have gone wrong. 

Fix those problems and implement them again with the corrections in place. 

Get things on track to becoming a  money making machine for you. 

Once all the kinks are out of the process it will often be able to be set on auto pilot later.   

While you have implemented these three simple steps, you must not forget that you must always be stretching your mind.

While you have implemented these three simple steps, you must not forget that you must always be stretching your mind.

Become a lifetime learner.

Invest in yourself and in your mind.

Follow people that are more successful than yourself and follow them.

I found a group of entrepreneurs that are really on fire and have taught me some things that I had never thought of.  It has changed my business for the better.  

They are excited when I create success for myself

They have a servant spirit.

Check it out below.

Collaborating With YOU, to Create Success!

Catherine Ann

Catherine Ann Clayton

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I taught school for 21 years during which time I started my family late in life. I left education for the corporate world where I started climbing the corporate ladder rather quickly. Soon I realized I was making my boss look "great" while I was doing all the work and losing time with my family because of the long hours. I jumped ship and began my own company so that I could work from home and get time back. Soon I realized I needed multiple sources of income to sustain my lifestyle. I was introduced to direct selling from a friend of mine. I now inspire and collaborate with others to grow their direct selling businesses and enjoy life on their terms while continuing growing my own.

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