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3 Ways to Turn Traffic Into Leads

Do you struggle with tons of traffic to your website, Facebook page or LinkedIn profile?

Always wondering to yourself why in the world these people are not buying what you are selling.

Believe it or not this is a huge problem in any business.

This was me several months ago until I learned how to leverage that traffic into more and more leads and sales daily.

There are 3 things you must do, and do correctly, for this to happen.

1. Provide great content.
2. Make your call to action congruent
    with what you are talking about.
3. Have a great lead magnet visible.

Let's dive into these individually.

1.Providing great content is a given.
      But what is considering
          "good" vs. "great."

Great content is concise, to the point and usually teaches something that they can implement at that moment.

You do not want to make it too detailed or complicated for the average person to learn.

Actually, some have even said that you should always write your content on a 4th grade level.

Sounds easy? Well then get busy you got this!

2. Make your call to action congruent with what you are talking about.

If you are not familiar with a "call to action," I will explain it to you in the simplest of terms.

Basically, it is something that you are trying to get the customer to do.

For example, here are a few simple "Call to Actions" ...

a. Getting the customer on a phone call

b. Getting them to buy a product or service.

c. Click on a button for a download.

These need to be something that relates to what your blog or article is talking about.

Hence, they must be congruent.

Something that relates to what you have been speaking about.

3. Have a great lead magnet visible.

A lead magnet is something that you are giving out for FREE that will get your customer interested.

It is usually a newsletter, hacks, blueprint or tips that entices your buyer to click.

It is very important the lead magnet be easy to find and easily "clickable."

You want to have it stand out so that the customer knows EXACTLY what to do.

These 3 tips can help you stand out as a marketer and make your traffic turn into leads and then buyers. Be very clear what you want them to do for the next steps and watch your business start to soar.

I learned how to do this with a simple book that got me started.

It taught me how to attract more traffic that I knew what to do with at first but then after I learned to easy and simple process in the Attraction Marketing Formula turning that traffic into leads became so easy.

You can get it right here. Click below.

It is easy to follow, and I will help you personally at NO cost if you need some help after reading it.

Come join me and start Attracting quality people like yourself to your business and start soaring with the eagles.

Collaborating With YOU, to Create Success. 

Catherine Ann

Catherine Ann Clayton

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I taught school for 21 years during which time I started my family late in life. I left education for the corporate world where I started climbing the corporate ladder rather quickly. Soon I realized I was making my boss look "great" while I was doing all the work and losing time with my family because of the long hours. I jumped ship and began my own company so that I could work from home and get time back. Soon I realized I needed multiple sources of income to sustain my lifestyle. I was introduced to direct selling from a friend of mine. I now inspire and collaborate with others to grow their direct selling businesses and enjoy life on their terms while continuing growing my own.

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