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Ignore The Grinches in Your Life This Season

There is usually a Grinch or two around the mistletoe during this time of year. They come to visit just to rob you blind and suck up all your enthusiasm about your business. You have to learn to ignore them because you know they are coming every year. Now first, let me just say this…If you […]

3 Simple Steps to Growing your Business FAST!

In the world of Home-Based Business people sometimes get “STUCK!” They do not understand why their business isn’t growing and at this point they do what they should NEVER do.  They QUIT! So, you ask… How do you break through those times when you feel everything is going ALL wrong instead of going ALL right? I have learned 3 simple […]

3 Ways to Turn Traffic Into Leads

Do you struggle with tons of traffic to your website, Facebook page or LinkedIn profile? Always wondering to yourself why in the world these people are not buying what you are selling. Believe it or not this is a huge problem in any business. This was me several months ago until I learned how to leverage that traffic […]

The Art of Social Media Recruiting

Yesterday I talked a lot about coaching and I asked one of my clients how she was doing on promoting her business.  She told me that her upline encouraged her to post on Facebook on her personal page about 3 times a day. So I asked…​How’s that working from you?Her reply…It’s not.I’ve been posting about […]

5 Easy Steps To Believing in Yourself

Believe in Yourself??? This sounds like a cliche, but people just do not know how to believe in themselves. It takes work and trust in yourself to start the journey of true belief. Well here are 5 steps to begin the journey of KNOWING you are AWESOME! BE YOU!Understand that you have great talents and gifts […]

4 Easy Tips to Help You Through Obstacles

4 easy tips for Obstacles

Get Rid of Obstacles with these 4 Easy TipsWe all go through obstacles in our business or life. Right? Obstacles do not discriminate. All people have obstacles, rich, poor, beautiful, ugly, athletes, and of course the business builders. How we deal with those obstacles is what makes the difference between a someone who fails and the achievers. How do you […]

Make 2018 End Better Than 2017 With This Free Gift

It’s January 3rdThe clock is moving and two days of this year are almost gone. Soon the first week will be gone, Then January is over Then you will look up and 2018 will be over. January 1st, 2019 will get here faster than you know and you will be either celebrating a year of big […]

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