4 Easy Tips to Help You Through Obstacles - Catherine Ann Clayton

4 Easy Tips to Help You Through Obstacles

4 easy tips for Obstacles

Get Rid of Obstacles with these 4 Easy Tips

We all go through obstacles in our business or life.


Obstacles do not discriminate.

All people have obstacles, rich, poor, beautiful, ugly, athletes, and of course the business builders.

How we deal with those obstacles is what makes the difference between a someone who fails and the achievers.

How do you deal with obstacles?

I struggled for a while when dealing with obstacles and often found myself just throwing in the towel and moving on to next big idea,

Until I decided to STOP THE MADNESS.

I decided to deal with the obstacles head on and this is how I did it.

1. Get A Grip

I had to realize that when it comes to struggles, I was not the only one that was having problems.

I had to face reality and understand that obstacles happen to everyone.

I am not "so special" that negative things and struggles are going to pass me by.

I needed to realize that it is not the struggle per say,

but how I deal with it to move forward.

There are people that are much worse than me and dealing with far more challenges than me,

I needed to "GET A GRIP" and move forward.

2. Only Control What is Controllable

I am a bit of a control freak.

I do not like to be out of control.

However I have had to learn with obstacles that come in your life,

there are just things that you can not control.

Focus on the things you CAN control.

Work on changing them.

The other "uncontrollable" things.....

Just let them go.

Messing with those are a waste of your time and energy.

They suck the life out of you because of all the stress over them.

Learn to only control those things that you CAN control.


Don't be afraid to ask for help.

There are many people out there from your family to friends to mentors that are willing to help you with any thing that is going on in your business or your life.

In fact...just the other day I was struggling with what content to call one of my live videos and my 13 year old piped in and said the perfect title.

I went with it and it has gotten over 1200 views and lots of comments.

One of my best content pieces that I have done.

Realize that people want to be needed.

When you are asking for help or direction, they are filling a need for both you and themselves.


Focus on one step at a time.

What is the next thing that you can do to move you forward into getting to the end result you want or changing the ending?

When our minds start to look too far ahead we start to struggle and think that we can't get there.

The important thing is to only look at what is right ahead of you.

I heard a story about a quadriplegic that was riding a wheelchair for 500 miles across the US with only the use of his wrist.

Someone asked him id he visualized crossing that finish line and how did he get in the right mindset.

His response was...

"No, I just focused on the next stripe in the highway."

Be one that focuses on the "next stripe in the highway."

Don't overwhelm yourself with the road too far ahead.

I learned how to do this with my mentor and a very easy to read book that taught me how to attract quality leads. It is something that has literally change the course of my business.

Get it here. The Attraction Marketing Formula.

It is a substantial manual that taught me how to have people reaching out to me that are ready to move their businesses forward.

It gave me the secret to truly attracting people to who I was.

Come join the journey of attracting people to YOU.

Collaborating With YOU, To Create Success!

Catherine Ann

Catherine Ann Clayton

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I taught school for 21 years during which time I started my family late in life. I left education for the corporate world where I started climbing the corporate ladder rather quickly. Soon I realized I was making my boss look "great" while I was doing all the work and losing time with my family because of the long hours. I jumped ship and began my own company so that I could work from home and get time back. Soon I realized I needed multiple sources of income to sustain my lifestyle. I was introduced to direct selling from a friend of mine. I now inspire and collaborate with others to grow their direct selling businesses and enjoy life on their terms while continuing growing my own.

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